Conditions of enrollment

Base of studying

Training of foreign citizens in the University is carried out both on the budgetary basis and on the fee paid basis (payment of tuition fees).

The budgetary basis is possible in several cases:


Educational programs


Application documents

Foreign documents of education must be acquired with translation into Russian language certified by a notary, registered in the territory of the Russian Federation or in the consular offices of the Russian Federation on the territory of a foreign state. There are exceptions for documents issued on the territory of states, which participate in multilateral or bilateral treaties, abolishing the requirement of legalization of documents. In this case, translations and copies of documents may be certified by a notary in the country of issuance.


Legalization of documents

Foreign students must undergo a series of procedures to allow the use of their documents concerning education. These are procedures of legalization of documents, translation of documents into the Russian language, the procedure of recognizing the value (level) of foreign education in the national information center FGBI "Glaveksperttsentr".


Migratory issues

All foreign citizens must present some documents in purpose of migration registration.

The list of documents submitted to the Department of International Cooperation (Ekaterinburg, Komsomolskaya street, 23, office 204, phone: (343) 374-40-12):