Students from China have visited USLU

In the middle of summer, students from the Beijing Union University (China, Beijing) have visited USLU and took part in some practical study. During first week, a delegation from China have studied main features of Russian legal system, basic rules and regulations and the state organs system. All lectures and workshops were conducted in English. Moreover, training program combined meetings with legal practitioners.

For example, students visited the VINDER Law Firm, where they were involved in the preparation of typical contracts between legal entities. Another significant event was visit to the Museum of famous legal scholar - Sergei Alexeev. The weather in the Urals has been sunny and Chinese students gained great opportunity to exploring the region. There were organized trips to the border of Europe-Asia and the tour to Nevyansk-Tavolgi. Both trips aroused great enthusiasm among the students delegation. Especially the group was impressed by pastoral landscapes and types of settlements in the Sverdlovsk region.