The Summer School of Human Rights 2017

The Summer School of Human Rights of the Russian Universities Consortium was held at the Ural State Law University, on June 26-30, 2017.

The rights of vulnerable groups were central point of discussions during Summer School. Discrimination, lack of tolerance, poverty, violence, especially in the context of military conflicts and expulsions are the topical problems of modern society. The summer school is held to support the campaign of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) "Fight for someone's rights today", which aims to disseminate information about the rights of vulnerable groups, protect their interests and ensure respect and non-discrimination against vulnerable groups in accordance with international law.

Leading specialists from the Russian Universities Consortium, representatives of international and state bodies on human rights and civil society were speak as lecturers of the Summer School. All lectures and workshops were conducted in two languages ​​- Russian and English. Seminars were in the form of intensive lectures, round tables, workshops and competitions. Particular attention was paid to the resolution of practical problems and development of participants' skills in the field of human rights protection. Also, student teams were participate in the moot court competition.

The work of the Summer School was divided into three clusters: protection of the child rights, disabled people, and migrants with refugees. All the participants have learned about methods of combating human rights violations in the national, regional and international context.

First cluster: "Fight for the child rights" was devoted to the economic, social and cultural rights of the child, the participation of the child in the decision-making process, contemporary problems in the realization of the child rights.

The theme of the second cluster: "Fight for the rights of people with disabilities" was the accessible remedies for the disabled, an independent way of life and involvement of disable individuals in the local community. Moreover, participants discussed issues of gender equality and overcoming gender-based violence against women with disabilities.

Participants of the third cluster: "Fight for the rights of refugees and migrants" had an opportunity to discuss such issues as legal and social protection and social integration of refugees and migrants, labor exploitation and other forms of cruel treatment of refugees and migrants, discrimination based on ethnic, cultural, linguistic features.  Particular attention was paid to the rights of certain categories of migrants (unaccompanied children, women in hazardous situations and people with disabilities).

Thus, the Summer School have became a unique platform for meetings, consultations, discussions with scientists, practitioners and officials. All the participants have gained an excellent opportunity to expand their professional skills, knowledge and share their experience in protecting the rights of vulnerable groups.

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