With the population of 1.5 million people, Yekaterinburg is the third most populous city in Russia after Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Yekaterinburg is the main administrative, cultural, scientific and educational center of the Urals. That is why Yekaterinburg has received its well-deserved name “The Capital of the Urals”. Moreover, being a city of “borderless opportunities” (according to its location – between Europe and Asia), it is the official center of the Ural Federal District, which ranks the 2nd according to the Forbes list of Russian regions with the best environment for investments, business and education. Yekaterinburg is the city to gain education and live in. Why? There are numerous reasons.

First of all, a plenty of scientific research institutes and establishments are located in Yekaterinburg. With its 16 state-owned universities and educational academies, as well as a number of private higher educational institutions, Yekaterinburg is the leading educational and scientific center of the Urals. Due to this fact, Yekaterinburg has all sufficient resources for students: libraries, research centers, laboratories, conference-halls, etc. About 100,000 people are involved in the educational sphere.

The second reason is a high cultural level of Yekaterinburg. This is the city with rich historical background, which would undoubtedly be interesting for all Summer School participants. They will have a great opportunity to visit numerous museums, theatres, monuments, churches, and other places of interest. Besides, Yekaterinburg itself as well as its suburbs would also be of a tremendous interest for Summer School participants. Ganina Yama (the place of last Romanovs’ burial place), the border between Europe and Asia, the Ice Cave of Kungur, the Leaning Tower of Neveynask, Verkhoturye (Orthodox Christianity Center of the Urals), mineral springs in Obukhovo, national preservation park “Deer Creeks” and many other places are worth visiting.

Third, Yekaterinburg has sufficient experience in international relations.  The Capital of the Urals attracts foreign guests by various events that are held here: the BRICS Summit, World Expo, INNOPROM, etc. Yekaterinburg is one of the most significant investment sites in Russia: its financial, business and educational institutions take an active part in the development of Russia, making a substantial contribution to the expansion of international cooperation.

The fourth reason refers to Yekaterinburg’s well-developed infrastructure for living. There are more than 1,000 shops, cafes and restaurants. In addition, there are about 60 comfortable hotels for the city guests. Owing to these facts, many people call Yekaterinburg “The City of the Youth” because of the vibrant student life and many opportunities offered by our dynamically growing city.